About PhoneTracker

Phone Tracker is an innovative service that allows you to locate your mobile phone on a digital map. This functionality can be useful in many cases. For example, you will be able to locate your children, elder people, employee etc. From now on, you will be able to locate where they actually are. The application canalso can help in the event of lost or stolen phone. It can be useful in situations of danger as well. Your loved ones will always be able to locate your whereabouts. These are just a few examples of the possibilities our service can offer. The way you will choose to use it depends entirely on your imagination. You can now download PhoneTracker for free. Below you will find short user manual explaining how to use the application.

1. Download application.

Download application from Google Play


2. Locate identification number in settings

After the fist activation, our application will connect to the server in order to provide an identification number. Remember to turn on the Internet connection in order to provide communication with our server. The provided identification will display on the main screen or in settings (Menu - settings).

3. Start using application

Once you locate your identification, activate GPS and Internet so that your phone can be located.

4. Check location on the digital map

In order to check location on the digital map enter the obtained identification on our website.